Joe Arko


Founder of the Elite Performance Center, Owner of ATS, the Arko Training Systems certification course & Director of Trainer Development for World Gym 


Joe Arko is a business owner, business consultant and an international public speaker,  writer and health and fitness educator.  He has been in the health and fitness field since 1999.


Joe has been successful in training a variety of athletes from the NHL, UFC, CFL, fitness/bodybuilding competitors and everyday people wishing to achieve a balance of health, fitness and overall well-being.  He has worked with top level fighters including UFC fighters with their weight cuts and strength and conditioning.  


Joe has been the former Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Canadian National Kickboxing team. He has also worked as the Nutritionist and mobility expert for Boxing Ontario.


How to Build a Thriving Personal Training Business


In the field of personal training there is an endless amount of courses, certifications, workshops, websites and events to teach you how to become a better personal trainer. There is VERY LITTLE HELP however teaching you how to run a successful personal training BUSINESS!

This presentation dives into the topic of how to build a thriving personal training business.  Topics will cover; branding, systems, building your business roadmap, social media, networking, automation and how to increase your income by becoming a better business person and not just a better personal trainer.